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pe●n to work into your story. Lyon nodded.He f●elt that there was something behin▓d this not yet clear to him. ● You were fortunate in being on t●he spot.You must have been the first ▓man the

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re.I was close behind you, I thi●nk.I was not far behind you when you ●came down Hemlock Avenue. Then suddenly Ly▓on understood.It was quite as though Law●rence had said, I hope you will▓ not consider it necessary to ment▓ion that a minute or two after the time● of the murder y

ou saw a woman runn▓ing in terror from the spot and going into a▓ house where I call.He had quite fo●rgotten the running girl for the moment.Now▓ the sudden bringing togethe●r of the two ideas staggered h●im. There are things that once sai●d can never be unsaid, said L●awrence. Yes. That's why I am glad ●it has fallen into your hands to ●write it up instead of into the h●ands of some sensation mon

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ger who would not hav●e the instinct of a gentleman ab▓out what to say and what to l●eave unsaid.By the way, it was you who i●


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dentified the man as Fullerton, wasn't it ●Yes, said Lyon slowly.He recalled the fixed▓ look that Lawrence had bent upon the



body in s▓ilence.It was impossible that ▓he had not recognized his enemy in the● dead man.Why had he held back the natural i●m



pulse to speak his name I'll l●ook for your report with inte▓rest.And, by the way, don't you lun●ch at the Tillamook Club Lo


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ok me up some d▓ay.I'm usually there between one and two.G●lad to have seen you.Good night. ●Lyon found that story more▓ di


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fficult to write up than he ha●d anticipated. CHAPTER III To say▓ that Waynscott was amazed on the appearan●ce of the News th




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olice authorities ●should have nothing to offer, was enough● to set the whole city talking.Fullert●on had not been particularly popula●r, but he was a

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man of mark.A bac●helor, he had lived at a fashionable apartment h●ouse, the Wellington; he had no family, no intim●ate friends, and there were men at

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his club▓ who would not play with him, but still he was● a personage.The city buzzed with the deco▓rous joy of discussing a full-fledged sensati▓on o

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